This music conjures up a whirlwind of emotion from some primeval source that permeates the listener with awe.

Bebe Barron


Re: Death,  I am captured in the very first moment. And then, what subtle enhancement in the second section, and what a journey in the third! I hear the release of the spirit, its energy, its guides; darkness, hugeness, powerful monsters. Images foreign but not unfamiliar come to mind. There is such musical drive and such unity throughout the piece. I feel I've heard transformations of an element through gaseous and solid states, and that in the end, a spirit has become one with the voices which called to it in the beginning.

Judy Klein


Barry Schrader’s music is crafted with infinite patience, critical attentiveness, and meticulous listening. In adhering to these ideals, this music withstands the test of time and stands uniquely in the American electronic music genre.

Elainie Lillios, Computer Music Journal


On Beyond, composer Barry Schrader presented lengthy pieces of electro-acoustic music written between 1992 and 2004, three of them grouped into a 2004 suite titled "Death." Diverse instrumentation, including waterphones, harpsichord, and computer-treated samples, were used to create celestial soundscapes evoking endless space and muted oceanic waves.

Richie Unterberger , All Music Guide


  • INNOVA 640
  • First Spring 6:08
  • Beyond  7:11  
  • Duke's Tune 14:16  
  • Death  28:16
  •             Before Death  5:53
  •             Into Death  6:37           
  •             After Death  15:46