Triptych (excerpt)

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Triptych, my favorite piece of the festival, had three wonderful movements, each exploring distinct musical nooks and crannies, inviting the listener to enter into the music, unfolding in a way that pieces rarely do. The last movement had one signal chord that kept coming at, wooshing at the listener, each time sounding slightly different, never once seeming to repeat itself, always surprising in its freshness yet holding you transfixed within the larger sameness of the gesture. I could have sat there all night simply letting that chord roll over me.

Ira Mowitz, Journal SEAMUS


Triptych is a milestone in the annals of electronic music. The piece, in its entirety, is so convincing in its sincerity and conviction that few could view it outside of a state of absolute ecstasy and shock. This is the electro-acoustic music composition against which the state of the art will be judged for a long while.  So long as FM is a legitimate reality in the electro-acoustic music world, and this work clearly puts Schrader at the pinnacle of this technology, Triptych will stand as a monument to John Chowning's  ideas, and, in addition, will join the ranks of the most beautiful and historically important works of our time.

Straightline, Journal SEAMUS