Fallen Sparrow


Fallen Sparrow illustrates Mr. Schrader’s mastery in combining live performance with pre- recorded electroacoustic music. On a large scale, the composer’s carefully designed track arrangement creates a seamless, flowing sonic experi- ence. Each composition fits within the disc’s time stream, progress- ing through a meta-world of sonic events. It’s clear that Mr. Schrader deliberately considers the many rela- tionships that exist between acoustic instruments and electroacoustic sounds. He thoughtfully crafts sonic, rhythmic, motivic, harmonic, and formal materials, creating music that exhibits both freedom and reliance between instruments and electronics. Although temporally aligned with the electroacoustics due to the fixed nature of the sounds, the instrumentalist weaves seamlessly through the synthetic sound world, appearing free from time and technical constraints. The electroacoustic sounds envelop and enhance the acoustic instrument, sometimes providing a driving rhythmic accompaniment and at other times creating a lush textural back- ground allowing the instrumentalist to float above or virtuosically traverse through. Mr. Schrader precisely ad- dresses each compositional element to accurately balance the instrumen- talist and electroacoustics, designing every moment to create a natural amalgamation between the two. This is no easy task, yet the musical result is organic and seamless.

Elainie Lillios, Computer Music Journal



  • Love, In Memoriam, Frank Royon Le Mée, voice
  •         L'Oreille Coupée (Severed Ear)  2:54
  •         Marmelade d'oranges (Orange Marmalade)  3:15
  •         Une histoire de portrait (The Portrait's Story)  3:47
  • Fallen Sparrow, Mark Menzies, violin  20:00
  •         Final Rest I
  •         First Spring
  •         Final Rest II
  •         Mystic Night
  •         Final Rest III
  •         Soaring Flight
  •         Final Rest IV
  • Five Arabesques, William Powell, clarinet
  •         Arabesque 1  1:49
  •         Arabesque 2  1:26
  •         Arabesque 3  1:30
  •         Arabesque 4  2:09
  •         Arabesque 5  3:37
  • Ravel, Vicki Ray, piano 15:30