Frank Royon Le Mée



Frank Royon Le Mée (1953-1993) was active as a composer, vocalist, actor, director, calligrapher, and visual artist.  As a composer, he received numerous commissions from various festivals and other musical organizations in Europe.  His works span the field from solo voice to orchestra to electro-acoustic, and he was one of the original members of the Groupe Musique Experimental de Marseilles.  As a tenor and counter-tenor, he was in great demand for both old and new music, and he made numerous recordings, including voice tracks for film and television.  His distinctive and impressive vocal abilities allowed him to specialize in such areas as medieval and renaissance music as well as the most complex contemporary vocal music.  One of the major performers of extended vocal techniques, Frank Royon Le Mée worked with Luciano Berio in performing Berio’s opera and also in creating the Berio Cabaret, and he performed often at the Paris Opera.  In 1989, Royon Le Mée was awarded a large grant from the Cartier Foundation to create new performance and visual art, and in 1990 he received a joint fellowship with Barry Schrader from Yellow Springs Institute to create a new computer-interactive performance work, Night.  Frank Royon Le Mée’s works are recorded on the Baillemont and CIRM labels.