Lost Atlantis Narration


Nicholas England (1921-2003) was a pianist, harpist, composer, violist, violinist, singer, and a noted ethnomusicologist and Africanist, with his research concentrated upon the Ewe music and musicians of Ghana and neighboring areas. He made his first research trip to Africa in 1961, doing field work with the Sixth Peabody-Harvard Kalahari expedition. He returned to Africa throughout his life, doing field work in Senegal, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. He earned degrees from Baylor University, Yale University and Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology in 1968. He studied composition with Walter Piston, Paul Hindemith and Randall Thompson and was associate professor of music at Columbia University before coming to CalArts where, at various times between 1970 and 2002, he was Chair of the World Music program, Dean of the School of Music, and Interim President of the Institution.

Nick was a great friend and mentor, and, as you can hear, had a marvelous speaking voice, which is why I asked him to record the narration for
Lost Atlantis. The narration is based on the text from Plato's Critias. I recorded Nick's performance myself in Studio B304 at CalArts in 1977.

You can download the six narrations for each movement of Lost Atlantis and put them in your mp3 player before each of the respective movements.