Mr. Schrader's newer electroacoustic release, Monkey King (2008), offers the listener a sonic exploration into ancient Chinese tradition and lore. ...This sonic journey through birth, growth, trial, and metamorphosis is expertly crafted by Mr. Schrader, who skillfully intertwines timbral, rhythmic, and harmonic material to create an enveloping, engaging soundworld. Layered rhythmic passages give way to dense sweeping textures as sounds expand and contract, developing, returning, and renewing. A slow tolling gong near the piece's end signifies the convergence of the deities, and a shimmering texture signifies Monkey King's enlightenment. Mr. Schrader's masterful illustration of Monkey King's story is satisfying musically, regardless of the listener's familiarity with the work's programmatic structure.

Elainie Lillios, Computer Music Journal