Monkey King


Monkey King is a colorful combination of Schrader's recognizably arousing orchestral maneuvers with an immediate melodic appeal, gentle harmonic textures, and electronic echoes of traditional Chinese instruments. While individual elements sound strangely familiar, the resulting entity is without direct reference, a style which is as timeless as it is futuristic and which revels an ancient mythology with the tools of today. Without a single doubt, this piece is the most accessible in Schrader's oeuvre.

Tobias Fischer - Tokafi




Wu Xing - Cycle of Destruction [19:22]

Monkey King

Part I - The Land of Ao-lai - The Birth of Monkey [8:45]

Part II - Monkey's Underwater Journey - The Staff of the Milky Way [9:42]

Part III - Monkey's Magic Dance - Jumping Buccha's Palm [7:00]

Part IV - Procession of the Immortals - Monkey Becomes a Buddha [11:30]