Fallen Sparrow is a work for violin and electronic music. This is a video of a live performance by violinist Alex Shiozaki on June 28, 2015 at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, held at the Abrons Art Center. The idea for Fallen Sparrow came to me one cold winter day as I was cleaning up around the outside of my house. In front of the dryer exhaust I found a dead sparrow that had made a little nest out of the lint that had come from the dryer exhaust. I was touched by the attempt of this small creature to seek shelter and create some comfort for itself as it approached death. How like all higher creatures the actions of this fellow wanderer had been. As I carried the still, nesting body to its final resting place, I imagined what might have been the sparrow's thoughts as it lay dying. I envisioned the bird thinking of its first spring, a time of birth and great activity, all of it new and exciting to the young sparrow. I considered the remembrance of one special evening when the fading light gave way to the sights and sounds of a mystic night. And, of course, I speculated that the most wonderful of avian abilities, that of soaring flight, would be among the last thoughts of the dying bird.

The sections of Fallen Sparrow are: Final Rest I, First Spring, Final Rest II, Mystic Night, Final Rest III, Soaring Flight, Final Rest IV

Click here to view a live performance of Fallen Sparrow with violinist Alex Shiozaki, or play the video below.



Alex Shiozaki