CDs and MP3s of my works are not sold on this site.  The following will link to stores on CD Baby, Bandcamp, or Nimbit.  SEAMUS Vol. 2 will link to Amazon.   CDs and MP3s of my work are available on most online music stores and sites (iTunes, Pandora, etc.)  Innova CDs are available directly from Innova.  For review and audition copies (if available), please contact me at emp(at)barryschrader(dot)com. 

Pacific Light and Water/Wu Xing - Cycle of Destruction CD & MP3

Digital track now available on Bandcamp in AIFF, WAV, and FLAC formats; CD also available.  

The Barnum Museum CD & MP3s

Barry Schrader: The Barnum Museum

Monkey King CD & MP3s

Barry Schrader: Monkey King

Fallen Sparrow CD & MP3s

Barry Schrader: Fallen Sparrow

Beyond CD & MP3s

Barry Schrader: Beyond

Lost Atlantis CD & MP3s

Barry Schrader: Lost Atlantis
Lost Atlantis CD and digital tracks (including aiff and wav formats) now available on Bandcamp


Barry Schrader: EAM
EAM CD and digital tracks (including aiff and wav formats) now available on Bandcamp